Best clubs for New-Gen players on Football Manager

Best clubs for New-Gen players on Football manager 

5. Brazilian Seria A (Flamengo, Gremio, Santos)

Arguably the most well-known for finding talent after the emergence of Neymar and Vinicius Junior in recent years and so valuations of players tend to be a lot higher. One tip would be to look at the Brazilian Second Division where you’ll pick up gems at a much cheaper price!

4. Argentine Premier Division (Boca, River, Racing Club)

This is a great league for those at the top end of the championship to the Premier League. You’ll find 5 star potential players for between £500k-£5million. These players nearly always become stars due to their determination stat that seems to be prominent in Argentinian players so definitely one to delve in to!
Honorable Mentions: (San Lorenzo, Velez, Independiente)

3. Scottish Premiership (Hearts, Hibs)

A bit of a left-field suggestion here and one many people forget about is the Scottish Premier League. The likes of Hibernian and Hearts in particular regularly generate 5 star players but what’s best about them is their price tag. You can pick up some of these youngsters for as little as £50K! Definitely one to keep an eye on.

2. Serbian Superleague (Red Star and Partizan Belgrade)

The Serbian Superleague is a fan’s favourite when it comes to New-gen players and it seems to be no different on FM 2020. Red Star and Partizan Belgrade are the teams you need to look for. You can pick up 5 star potential players between $500k-$1million. Ideal if you’re a Premier League or championship. Many of the players walk in to most championship teams comfortably so they’re a must to check out!

1. Colombian First Division (Atletico Nacional, Santa Fe, Medellin)
This is my favourite of all the leagues in finding new talent! Teams like Atletico Nacional and Santa Fe produce top youngsters like its going out of fashion. The best part is they can cost as little as £100k provided you pick them early. Easily accessible for almost anyone they’re a must search for top Football Manager youngsters!