Stadiums you have to Visit as a Football Fan

Estadio Municipal De Braga - Portugal (Braga)

The Estadio de Braga is out their on its own in terms of individuality. There are only two middle stands to this stadium with the home goal replaced by a steep cliff and the away goal by a hill-side! Despite this, the two stands make up a whopping 30,000 capacity so one can expect a great atmosphere. Definitely one to add in to any Portuguese golf trip that you may have planned for the future. 

The Stadion Gospin Dolac - Imotski, Croatia (Imotski)

The Stadion Gospin Dolac is an incredible mix of old-school football blended in with views that Santorini would be jealous of. Built in a crater in 1989, it's one of the most outstanding stadiums on the planet. Whether you're on a jolly with the boys or even the other half, it's got something for everyone and is a must visit for any football fan. What a place!

Svangaskard - Faroe Islands (B68 Toftir)

If you fancy getting away from city-life but still keeping in touch with your football then Svangaskard stadium is the stadium for you. Located on the coast of the island, it's a beautiful place to sit back and watch your football. Whether you're on the hill-side or in the stands, it's coastal views will blow you away. Previously home to the Faroe Islands national team, it's now home to the Faroese league side B68 Toftir. 

Stadion Vosodavac - Belgrade, Serbia (FK Vosodavac)

We've all been there, hour-long shopping trips with the wife/girlfriend whilst you look for the nearest comfortable seat in a Debenhams or Marks and Spencers. Alas, the solution is here! At the Stadion Vosodavac in Belgrade, you can sit in a stand watching a football match while she shops! This stadium is located above a shopping center and is one of the few rooftop stadiums in the world. 

Igraliste Batarija - Trogir, Croatia (HNK Trogir) 

The stadium that has to take the top spot for us is the Igraliste Batarija, home to HNK Trogir, of Croatia. What's unusual about the Igraliste Batarija is that it's built between two 15th century fortresses and just above sea-level. With an incredible view of the blue sea of Croatia, it's a must-visit for any football fan. Better still, HNK Trogir allows its fans to choose between sitting in the stands and watching the game with a beer at the top of the battlements. Unbelievable stuff Jeff!